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About NeverLand

NeverLand is made up of 2 in-home daycare facilities, both located off interstate 580, across the street from Emerald Glen Park. Our fun filled program focuses on the three domains of child development; cognitive, physical, and psychosocial. We offer a wide range of curriculum and offer a fun, loving, and safe environment, where children can learn and grow at their own pace.

NeverLand Village

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About The Team 

Nary Espiritu

Nary (Nina) Espiritu opened Neverland in 2013. She worked in property management for ten years but went back to school after feeling compelled to switch careers. A course in child development  piqued her interest, which lead Nary to working as a nanny part time.


Not only did Nary enjoy nannying, she was a natural at it.  Overtime, Nary's passion for working with children and helping families continued to grow, and ultimately, NeverLand Day Care was born. 

Child with lollipop Neverland Day Care

Find out why kids love, NeverLand

and if we're a good fit for your family.

Courtney Wiseman

Courtney, a certified teacher, has been around children since the age of fifteen. Her mother was a preschool teacher, and Courtney spent countless hours watching her mother teach and interact with young children. Courtney volunteered at a child development center in high school and ultimately studied Early Childhood Development in college.


She spent the first eight years of her career teaching at a private institution. In 2018, knowing how passionate Courtney is about early childhood development, Nary brought Courtney on as NeverLand Day Care continued to grow. 



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