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Our Program

Whether your child is enrolled part time or full time, they are guaranteed to thrive at NeverLand Day Care.  Our blended method of traditional teaching  and immersion learning keeps our students excited and engaged throughout each lesson.

Child with tablet


Our #1 priority is that our children are developing cognitively, every day. Their ability to learn new concepts and apply them is fed through repetition & immersion. Each week we center our lessons around a topic, and we immerse the students into that subject through reading, arts & crafts, show & tell & more.  This style of teaching brings our core curriculum to life.

Children Exercising


At NeverLand, our students experience physical activity throughout the day & exercise both fine & gross motor skills. We employ gross motor skills through outdoor play, exercise, dance, and yoga. These activities consist of running, skipping, jumping, and throwing. Fine motor skills are utilized through activities such as drawing, painting, beading, and using scissors.

Diverse Kindergarten


Learning new skills & interacting with other children can often emote fear. Through love, affection & positive reinforcement, we create a comfortable environment where children feel at ease when learning new things such as feeding themselves, potty training, and sight words. 

Children Meditating
Core Areas
  • Cognitive Development

  • Common Core

  • Story Time

  • Circle Time

  • 1:1 Time

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Social Play

  • Dramatic Play

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Potty Training

  • Independent Self Care

  • Outdoor Play/Walks

  • Field Trips

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Fresh Home Cooked Organic Meals

  • Healthy Snacks

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